WINGS – Ru’a Sheesh

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Pages: 280
Language: English
ISBN 9791220132060

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When you learn to say NO,
Your victories turn to be over lasting
Family, neighborhood, city and the whole world
Are all mistaken,
They hate you
Only your tears are honest
Listen only to them,
Let their Fingernails be instilled into your wounds
Let them yell at your face
Telling you about your mistakes
Let truth take your shaky mind into its hands
Stare at your misery distress, overindulging
Feel your breakdowns, to the brim
Resort to GOD
Then, stand upright
Waiting for your next battle
On your waist, you are holding your sword
The sword, that made you mature
When you come back victorious,
Life will accept you with open arms,
Delightful smile, magic eyes
And a soft hand that will hang
Love badge over your chest

Ru’a Sheesh was born in 1992, in Bethlehem.
She has a Business Administration Degree, and she works for
Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
Wings is her first book, written in 2016 when she was 24 years old.
Wings was first published in Arabic after her participation in the competition held by A.M. Qattan Foundation for young writers in 2017.
It was published with corporation of Al Ahlia Publishing and
Distribution House in Jordan in 2019.
She has written another book of poems entitled Totally Isolated, ready to get published.
Her hobby is writing songs in English in order to improve and develop better language skills.


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