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“The seen
and unseen
are thread
in the neverending weave
by the
undisturbed balance of

This collection of poems explores the bond between the human interiority and the omnipotence of the divine. Just like the purest sunlight, the words ‘come through’ and illuminate the pages. Guided by the poetess’ sensitivity,we set out on a spiritual journey that will make us sense the infinite energy of the Universe. The poems speak to us of the unity of all existence within the power of Love. With featherlight, ethereal words, Rudstaden gives witness to the spirituality treasured in every breath of wind and every living creature, which can only be grasped if we are willing to put aside all our previous knowledge and surrender to the current of life.

Maren Rudstaden was born in 1973 and lives in the countryside in Norway. She has always felt a strong call to explore the nature of life, and combined it with her passion for consciousness, humans, books and words. Educated by life itself – and formally in teaching, psychology, oneness therapy, fashion design and yoga.


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