Hunter – Painter Dancer Dreamer – Isolde Mellet

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Pages: 735
Language: English
ISBN 9791220131599

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A stunning story that tells of a lost way of life.
Through the tales of an ancient Bushman  Isolde Mellet takes us back to an extraordinary time when K’errik’s clan lived happily and in balance throughout their hunting grounds. Today, the remains of their celebrated rock art give us just a tiny glimpse into their rituals and significant occasions that shaped the lives of those first inhabitants of the Drakensberg.
Based on her remarkable encounters whit K’errik, the author crafts a poignant account that brings back to life a pure world in which loyalty and friendship even in the most adverse conditions, and expressed through a soft musical click language, a wicked sense of humour, song, dance, and easy laughter.
K’errik’s breath-taking story should make us reflect on the natural, harmonious way of life of a gentle people who asked for little but were enslaved, persecuted and hunted until they were no more.

Isolde grew up in Swakopmund, Namibia. She then completed her education at the German mission school Hermansburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal. During her 14 year nursing career, she was able to develop the skills that would lead her to fulfill her lifelong passion for helping wildlife, by founding C.R.O.W. – the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife. She lives in a remote corner of South Africa,  in the Klipkoppe  of Namaqualand propagating indigenous succulents.


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