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We’ve got plenty of time, darling
All these hours are ours
We’re walking words and wonder

This collection of poems lets the readers dive into their inner selves, gently dragging them beyond words and inviting them to dialogue with their own most instinctive and deepest part with love, strength and spontaneity.
During this journey, one can grasp the never banal lightness of the concepts hidden behind the words, sometimes contrasting concepts, other times soft and full of simplicity. Suddenly, naturally, everything that seemed wrong becomes right and bright.

Gurmehar Kaur Gulati was born in the happiest family of five, in the lively city of New Delhi, India. She moved to the Emerald Isle (Ireland) at the age of 21 to pursue her MSc in Applied Psychology, and currently lives in Bray, close to ‘her soul-calming’ ocean, living her dream life! She practiced Applied Behaviour Analysis Teaching for kids with autism for a couple of years, then moved on to becoming a Mental Health Specialist, and is presently a Behaviour Support Coordinator at a day service for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Seeing happy faces at work and igniting warmth in one’s heart through the written word make her Psychology and Writing career walk in harmony alongside each other.
Mehar was always drawn to the literary world and believed in the magic of love from a very young age. She started reading novels and writing poems when she was in the second grade and by the time she was a teenager, there was no stopping her and her power pen. Like most Disney Princesses, she functions on kind words, the goodness of one’s heart, and the faith that things always work out for the best. All she hopes is that her work can bring a smile to your beautiful face, making it even more radiant!


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