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Travid Urs is a space tour guide. He travels the galaxy on his trusted spaceship, which he treats like a friend and to which he has even given a name: the Beast.
His life proceeds quietly – he accompanies his guests to visit the many planets that form the greater Space Union – until he is chosen to be the personal driver guide of the Minister for Technology, Janus Kohn. His new job is as important as extremely risky, he is being called in truth to escort the Minister and protect him from the political assassinations that are bloodying planet Earth, the central planet of the Space Union. Everything changes when, after the Commemoration Festival at planet Dala, Travid Urs and Janus Kohn are attacked in flight and mysteriously disappear. What until that moment seemed to be a quiet and normal life is rapidly upset by a tangle of ambiguities, alien presences and secret conspiracies aimed at threatening the order of the galaxy.
This novel is the first Sci-Fi work written by Vid Legradic. Notwithstanding the little experience in the field, he has demonstrated a great ability to combine his soul of passionate traveller with his fictional creativity. Travid: Behind the Nine Stars is a book full of action and mystery framed in distant landscapes populated by unlikely characters. An imaginary world created in the smallest detail that owes much of its creation to the many journeys that have punctuated the author’s life, and that functions as the perfect gateway from the oppressing everyday reality.

Vid Legradic is a young 35-year-old freelance writer from Slovenia. After his master’s degree in Political Science, he decided to devote his life to travel, a passion which he was soon lucky to call his job. He worked for ten years as an international and local tour guide and managed to translate his experiences into words for travel magazines. This event encouraged him to write and publish his personal traveling adventures. From this turning point, two novels were born: Story about my travel (2019) written in his mother tongue, and the most recent Travid: Behind the Nine Starsù (2021) written in English, in which he explores for the first time the fascinating world of Science Fiction.

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