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How many of you have felt inadequate in life, facing challenge after challenge and have wondered if you were the problem or perhaps the world around you?
This essay shows you how to feel lighter, to detox, to find a way to enjoy the beauty surrounding you, to be connected to your spirituality and refind your personal space of healing.
Step by step you will release, heal and find your path again. Lia shows you a pattern to follow: it’s up to you if you want to take the journey and leave the baggage behind.
Reconsider your Life now, these pages will brilliantly reconnect you with YourSelf.

Lia Schulz is a mom, author, art lover and spiritual seaker. She was born in a small town in Mexico and lives in Germany with her family since 2014. Like many others, she has suffered from childhood trauma, abuse and other life obstacles that led her to experience deep depression. This was the starting point of her healing journey and spiritual path where she learnt different healing techniques in the areas of psychology and spirituality. As she healed herself and experienced deep transformation, she created a simple step by step guide to help other people heal and transform their lives as well.


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