TO MY DEAR CHILD – Apollonia Blumauer – Veronica Blumauer

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To My Dear Child In Loving Memory is a collection of quotes born from the minds of some brilliant characters in the history of our world, both men and women who were able to convey through their words the true essence of what is really important in life. These quotes have been assembled in this volume by a mother with a simple purpose in mind: to pass and share the “basic things” she wishes her child to know about life. It’s a wish of happiness as well as a reminder to never take for granted what we are and forget where we wish to go.

Apollonia Blumauer (January 29, 1965) In 1988, she obtained the title of engineer of mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. For all her life, she has been captivated by Microsoft products and everything they’ve allowed people to do. Her work experience is primarily in the production and introduction of new technologies, although she is also interested in technologies that should not be introduced.
She occasionally engages in political activity with her daughter, Veronica.

Veronica Blumauer was born on September 15th, 2006, in Ljubljana. She achieved great success in her elementary school education, where teachers of English, music, engineering, and technology, as well as home economics, were particularly encouraged. She is currently in middle school and hopes to become a computer engineer. She is also passionate about space and cultivates the ambition to become an astronaut. Furthermore, she enjoys reading popular science books.


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