TO DREAMS BORN – Sabrina Charlotte Coronata

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Imagine a world that feels like the one you cherished as a child: a world full of wooden bridges perched over wild rivers, folk songs sung into the wreathing branches of evergreens, fruits and vegetables tumbling off of farmers’ trucks and into warm ‘tartes aux pommes’ and homemade lasagnas.
Imagine a world where gardening means friendship and a refreshing cup of tea, a wheelbarrow full of kale, scampering goats, and neighboring pigs. Imagine celebrating every day – following your bliss and delighting as that path promises a well-worn bicycle and a blackberry patch absolutely bursting with lush berries. Just imagine!
All of it is possible. Nothing about it cannot be lived fully, enjoyed deeply, forever.

Welcome to the beautiful French village where four young activists from different backgrounds turn their attention to protecting the forest, river, and wildlife where they live, with big dreams for the world. Their efforts mirror the ‘green revolution’ that people everywhere are ready to embrace, to re-imagine our footprint on planet Earth, to counteract the destructive nature of factory farms, and instead make choices that reflect our highest values. But you don’t have to imagine!
We can all take inspired action and live harmoniously. Just turn the front cover of this book and join the adventure!


Sabrina Charlotte Sullivan Mann Coronata (née Sullivan Mann) was born and raised in Seattle, spent summers at Redondo on Puget Sound and in the San Juan Islands, and came of age in France.

Her parents’ dream of world peace translated into dedicated practice of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism, celebration of their Jewish and Irish roots, folk songs strummed and sung around every fire and kitchen table, and Montessori philosophy woven throughout.

Sabrina and her husband John are raising their son and daughters in Germany and Italy, with the plan to settle on French soil after they bike around the world. Sabrina believes that everyone will find happiness if they are true to their own perfect nature.

To Dreams Born is her lifework offering to children and animals everywhere ~ who naturally love playing together in the wild.



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