THORN HILL – Susanna Park

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Pages: 268
Language: English
ISBN 9791220143394

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Amyta lives a seemingly simple life with her family on a farm near a small town. One day, a mysterious “visitor” arrives, prompting her parents to send her on the run.
For a time, Amyta is trapped in a cave, protected by a mysterious spell. When she escapes after the danger has passed, she finds only ruins in place of her home. Then she meets Sly the Elf Warrior, who rescues her from being abducted by the mysterious and cruel Ravens and taken to the Black King.
A series of endless adventures begin, during which she meets many wonderful creatures besides the elves, including Suomi the Little Light Eater, the Wonder Stag and magical helpers.
At the end of their long journey, they arrive at the dreaded Thorn Hill, through which Amyta is the one who finds her way, and with her companions, finally reaches the realm of Starry-eyed.

Susanna Park, born in Budapest in 1976, has been the single mother of a daughter. Deciding to follow the calling deep inside to write, the story of Amyta came to life.
This is a huge step and change from transforming into a writer after being in the business of accounting for 25 years. In her works she wants to show the inner sightings of the Hungarian legends and myths to a larger audience.
Thorn Hill is her first published book


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