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There are not only Stars in the Sky tells the story of Antonio, the main character, portrayed as a solitary and isolated “guardian of the world” with higher responsibility and purpose. In the book there are described Antonio’s thoughts and desires. However, these desires are often overshadowed by feelings of shame or fear, also struggling with his own consciousness.
In the deteriorated world Antonio lives in, people no longer smile and lack morals and honour.
On one hand, Antonio is confronted with unusual and confusing situations painting a picture of a character who is somewhat disconnected from the world and facing various challenges and uncertainties. On the other hand, we learn from him what friendship, trust and sacrifice are.

V. White. I was born on 2 December 1974 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. I started writing poems when I was 10 years old. Later, I made many attempts to write books, but I gave up. My works have been published in many Bulgarian periodicals, forums, and online platforms.
In 2019, I finished my first novel – “Dead Love”. At the time I did not expect it to become a series. Its genre is fantasy. Three of its parts have been published so far, with a fourth coming in a few months. “There are not only stars in the sky” is another story inspired by strong feelings. It was released on the market in Bulgaria in 2022 and there will be no sequel.
I am currently working on a new book, again a fantasy. I plan to write another fantasy novel after it, of course an unconventional one, as are all my stories.
In life, I am quite an ordinary man, with a small circle of friends. I love silence and nature. Single.


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