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“If I can do it, anyone can do it” is what Mary Whelan teaches us in her book, a book that holds the secrets to success, to her success. Through her story she shows us that life is not easy, it is hard, but with the right attitude, the right role models, the help and support of the right people and the combination of the “fundamental qualities”, it is possible to achieve life’s aspirations and realise all your dreams, even those that seem most difficult and even when everything seems impossible.

Mary Whelan was born on 7th June, 1957, is currently an active Irish National League and Dublin local league basketball referee. Started her basketball career as a player reaching National League status and winning many national and local trophies and medals. She was nominated Dublin League Most Valuable Player of the Year Award and several Tournament Most Valuable Player awards. She subsequently went on to make history in an all-male dominated basketball refereeing world by becoming Ireland’s first female Grade 1 referee, quickly followed by becoming Ireland’s first female FIBA International referee. Mary’s international refereeing career spanned 18 years until her retirement in 2007. This is Mary’s first book documenting the secrets to her success.


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The Whistleblower’s Secrets at the Prague Book Fair 2022 

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From the isolation of a deaf schoolgirl, to becoming an elite sports star—Mary Whelan on the secrets to success

Literary Prizes

Montefiore Literary Prize 2022

9 reviews for THE WHISTLEBLOWER’S SECRETS – Mary Whelan

  1. 5 out of 5


    An absolutely excellent book and very very inspiring. A great read for the times we live in – with lessons in life that we could all live better by!

  2. 5 out of 5

    David Lillie

    This is an amazing story of overcoming a very difficult childhood and several serious traumas to not only survive, but go on to become an excellent sportsperson and excellent international basketball referee!. The story is very engaging and I was eager to read the next chapter many times to see what would happen next in her amazing life. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good read and ways to achieve great things in spite of adversity.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Whistleblower’s Secret is a powerful story of hope and courage.The author illustrates that it is indeed possible to achieve feats which may at first seem unsurmoutable. Showing true grit and determination, the Whistleblower’s Secrets shares the writers’ personal experiences of how she navigated a traumatic childhood and excelled beyond measure on the basketball court to become the first Irish sportswoman to achieve the international FIBA referee award. In essence, this is a story which is beautifully written. It is full of passion and at it’s core it illustrates that if you are willing to take risks, and to surrender with an open heart to love, it is possible to reach your potential and to fulfill your hopes and dreams. A real page turner! It has pride of place on my book shelf!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Mary Sexton

    Such a wonderful inspirational story of such courage, strength of character, patience, perseverance, and high achievement. It’s an amazing story of a remarkable woman, who displays incredible tenacity in overcoming the many obstacles and fears in fighting against all the odds. The author’s humility and compassion shines through it all like a beacon of hope for all who read it and are going through hard times, or those who are on a path of high achievement. Over and above all else, it’s so inspirational. I read it very fast the first time as I was dying to read it all – there’s so much in it and it’s so well written and it goes at a cracking pace. The writer’s life story is nothing short of awesome and she comes across as an awesome woman. I have started to read it a second time, so that I can savour and reflect on the inspirational gems that struck me on my first read.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Maire-Ros O’Rahilly

    an inspiring journey of the power of perseverence and courage, Mary shares her insights and wisdom on how to achieve great things despite the odds.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Joan McGuire

    So where do I start? Well I loved loved loved the first chapter. It set the scene for me, it was like the opening scenes of a movie. I immediately wanted to know the Author’s story as she sat in the airport in Rome, pondering her life and how she became a FIBA referee from very humble beginnings. How she wrote about her deaf world really touched me. She wrote so descriptively about this period of her life that it allowed me to connect with her as a young child, alone and isolated. I was hooked then. Each stage of the book captivated me and I was immersed throughout. I especially loved her view and thoughts on perfection, how she fought to hold on to her love of basketball for dear life, then progress on to becoming a referee and her tenacity to be the best she could possibly be despite the many challenges and obstacles life threw at her. Just read the chapter called ‘Dortmund’ and you’ll understand her tenacity and love for the game of basketball. I loved the stories within her story of the different athletes, dancers and characters. It was a unique feature in the book, the way the stories were interwoven in the writer’s own personal and sporting life. It led me to explore further footage online. The Writer’s Core Qualities, how she overcame multiple traumas is nothing short of amazing. Pick up the book and you will be transported! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  7. 4 out of 5


    The Whistleblower’s Secrets is an amazing story about the resilience of the human spirit. A thoroughly thought provoking read. The book holds your interest throughout, and is a real page turner. The author outlines how she overcame the traumatic events of her tragic and very lonely childhood, as a result of her deafness and the harsh upbringing at the hands of her mother. She channelled her frustrations into her passion for her beloved basketball. This in turn was the driving force that enabled her to become the best in her field, and she went on to become the first Irish woman to be both a Grade 1 and FIBA international referee. She also met some truly inspiring people throughout the course of her life, and the love and friendship that she found inspired her to become the amazing person that she is today. A wonderful book, and I highly recommend it.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Adelle Burke

    This book is a must-read. The author describes adverse events from her early childhood with stunningly beautiful, language. Her honesty and humility is evident throughout the book, with a no holds barred account of her struggles as both a child and a woman, who never gave up on her dreams. I was both mesmerised and in awe of how the author not only overcame major challenges throughout her life, but how she managed to claw her way back from situations that would compel most people to crumble. The book illustrates one woman’s courage in a male dominated profession, to not only break the mould but to excel in her professional career. I would absolutely recommend that this book is read. It was a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air and an insight into the resilience of the human spirit. A masterfully written book and hopefully the first of many.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Tina Achampong

    With the right attitude, the help and support of the people that comes in our life, everything is achievable. I am very inspired by the authors determination and attitude to achieve what would have seemed impossible. This book has really changed my approach towards the challenges in life. I can now face each obstacle with a right attitude. Thanks to the Author Mary Whelan

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