THE UNTOLD DEED – Shishir Bindu Biswas

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One day I was watching the rain outside of my room and I found some emotions just like why nature bound us with nature so tightly that we love our Earth so much.
I was in deep thoughts and I wrote some stories of poetries for the Earthical resolutions.

Shishir Bindu Biswas, was born in 1988, Netrokona, Bangladesh, on the bank of the Brahmaputra River. She spent the first seven years of her life by the river Mogra, and now lives close to the waters of the Buriganga, in Dhaka. In her early childhood, she already used to write poems.
She has written her first poem book, Shotto Kabbo, in 2017, published by Ykto. In 2018 she wrote Tarpor…, a poetry book based on Metaphysics. Several of her works have been published by the publishing house Bivash, as the novel Meghlar Meghla Ekdin, Deep Woman, a collection of poems, and Ek Neno Second, based on philosophical science.
As an assistant researcher at the Bangladesh Research Center of Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK), and as an activist and volunteer at the Bangladesh Mohila Porishod organization, she wrote several published articles and stories on subjects such as anthropology and women’s issues. After graduating in Marketing from Bangladesh National University, she did an MBA in Human Resource Management and is now studying Law. She is currently writing a thriller for an upcoming book fair.

1 review for THE UNTOLD DEED – Shishir Bindu Biswas

  1. 4 out of 5

    Azmain Fayek Abir

    I found the purity of a soul in this book.
    Take best wishes. 🌸

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