THE UNIVERSE WITHIN – Sara Vanessa da Silva

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Pages: 138
Language: English
ISBN 9791220109758

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This book is a dream coming true. Writing in English fulfils my purpose in life. To make dreams come true is an important aspect of my life, and I do believe, something that defines me. To me writing is more than just expression, it’s a duty I have to my readers, to the world. The Universe Within is a dream coming true, a dream you are a part of too. Thank you for reading me.

Sara Vanessa C. Rodrigues da Silva From early age, I enjoy writing prose and poetry. My mom tells me that when I was turning three, I asked for a typing machine for my birthday. She asked me what for to which I replied “to write many books”. At that time, I didn’t even know how to write my name. In third grade, I wrote a dialogue between me and the sea that won a class contest. That day changed my life. I was sitting at my parents’ living room’s table and I felt inspiration running through me. Being acknowledged in my class as one of the best writers was my first great achievement in life. From that day on, I knew writing would be a part of my life forever. Ever since then, from being among friends during my teenagerhood, writing poems on a coffee shop’s napkin, to asking in restaurants for a piece of paper and a pen out of the blue, writing has been an intrinsic part of me. I started off by writing in my first language, then I switched to English. My passion for English runs deep. I would ask people around what their name was and how old they were, where have they been in English, and replied to them in English. No one could teach me how to speak, more than watch American movies and listen to American music. I remember that language in my ears sounded so well. As if it was known to me while I didn’t know it. In middle school I knew English better than everybody else, which made me proud of myself, but at the same time frustrated, because I wanted to learn much more. Movies and music made my delights, I had friends asking me to write down lyrics so they could sing songs along, asking me to help them out in English. I never had anyone to help me out, I had to learn it on my own, which to me has been one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I know that to achieve excellence in English is a long road, but that doesn’t worry me. My passion for it is too real to ever give it up, and it keeps me motivated to do better every day. I acknowledge my limitations for it not being my first language, however I know there’s always room for improvement. After studying Meteorology and working in the United States of America (my favorite country in the world) – my biggest accomplishment in life so far – I returned to the country where I am from. I felt desolated and misplaced. Words started coming to me, I sat down and wrote The Universe Within. Nothing else was of solace to me. I’ve put my heart and soul in it. The day I was accepted to publish it with Europe Books was a dream coming true. I will forever be thankful to Europe Books UK for giving me this chance. I will not disappoint them. Or you. Thank you for purchasing it. I appreciate it. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it and that somehow it tells you the words you need to read at that time you need them most. Blessings to you, my reader. Thank you.


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