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Some people think that certain dreams can transcend time and warn about a crucial event which can have such a big impact that it can totally change one’s life. And so is the toreador’s dream, which plagues Danny’s life repeatedly, a young, troubled boy who lives in New Jersey.
In hope that he will find the true meaning of his dream and also the roots of his newfound ability in order to get in the state of mind where he possesses incredible speed and becomes a superb fighter, he travels to Mexico to talk to his uncle about his grandfather – the famous Mexican toreador.
The string of events, among which are meeting the genius Mexican boy, finding the woman of his life and coming in conflict with a drug lord, inevitably lead him towards a crucial moment when the decision if he will live or die is on the edge and out of his hands.

Vanco Ristov is a retired army officer who resides in New Zealand with his lovely wife and overly energetic dog Bonnie who occupies his time enough that he doesn’t need any recreational activities. The Toreador’s Dream is his first novel. His second piece of work is a complete scifi/ action novel which offers a new insight on the meaning of life.
Alexander Ristov is an actor living in NYC where he has been residing for the last 15 years. He has written a screenplay in the past, but this is his first novel. He is a martial artist for over 25 years. In NYC he has acted in numerous theatre and TV shows. In his spare time, he likes to cook and watch cartoons.

Van Ris is the pseudonym for both of the authors.


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