THE STIRRING OF DRAGONS – Thomas Baskerville

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Pages: 677
Language: English
ISBN 9791220116220

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A world in which only four humans remain, including Tom and Cathie, two young people who, for 19 years, have managed to survive against the injustices of the world using their skills. Four humans, seemingly different, each with their own strengths, who come together over issues of desperation and coexistence, representing the last human civilization. Each of them has a tragic story behind them and new adventures to face in order to survive the Extinction that has been striking humanity for years now.

Tom (Thomas Baskerville), was born in Manchester but moved to North Wales only a few years later. It was not long before he was falling behind in class, he was eventually diagnosed as dyslexic. His parents and teachers wanted him to read more to practice, but he found children’s books far too dull for him. Instead, he turned to longer, more difficult books containing far more interesting stories. He enjoyed getting lost in fictional worlds designed by other people, but eventually found it easier to lose himself in worlds of his own imagination. This was especially true during the more challenging periods of his life.
His interest in science played an important role in developing believable worlds; an interest which eventually led to studying for a master’s degree in Chemistry, but also opened his eyes to new possibilities for exploration of the stories trapped inside his head.
Putting the stories to paper began more as a hobby, a time alone with his thoughts where he could let his imagination run riot. The more he wrote, the more he wanted to write. During his exams in school, he could use an offline computer to type his answers because of terrible handwriting and dyslexia.
Spending so much time writing helped enormously with his spelling difficulties through the sheer volume of repetition. Now he is letting loose the stories from his imagination in the hopes others may get lost in his world, as he did with others.


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