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The Return of Ferion – the Forgotten Kingdom – Set in an imaginary time represented by multiple abstract characters this novel will embrace you in a breathless journey where the eternal fight for evil and good is represented here by humans, nonhumans, warriors and people of an unknown past. Immersed in a natural scenario, the reader will find echoes of the Norde epic, the fantastic narrative and the sci-fi saga in a whirling of twists, asking continuously until the end, “Who is Ferion?”

Pavle Petrovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia on March 4th, 1991, where he lived most of his life.
He completed high school and enrolled at college.
However, due to a tragedy in his family: the loss of both parents – he chose to work and concentrate on his writing career instead.
For over 10 years he worked for some of the largest clients on Upwork where he contributed to more than 35 different projects in many domains, mostly as a writer and data journalist and worked also for Fiverr where he was solely a screenwriter.
Starting to write at the age of 9, he wrote, edited, formatted quite a lot of genres: scripts for film and theatre, game script etc.
Among his works: A Noticeable Bond (romantic drama), Chess Game of Life (drama), and My Father’s Last Will (thriller).
He is now living in the municipality of Zvezdara in the capital city where he usually works as a screenwriter, freelance project manager and author. His hobbies include cycling, shooting (currently air guns), reading, hiking, and video games.


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