THE RED FAWN – Edward Christopher Razzano

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Pages: 252
Language: English
ISBN 9791220135023

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The paths of two women intersect first at the scene of a tragedy and then again, a decade later. Consequently, Colleen discovers clues to the truth about her mother’s death while Michelle’s already fragile existence is plunged into further chaos.
Despite the promise of a new start for all in a post-apartheid South Africa, lingering 20th century Cold War conflicts impact the lives of these four people who come to measure retribution over love and redemption against an expedient lie.

Edward Christopher Razzano is a native of Cape Town where he was educated in mechanical engineering and economics after completing schooling in the nearby town of Stellenbosch. He worked for two decades in the financial services industry and in his retirement, coaches Squash.
His interests include macro-economics as well as cosmology.
He now lives with his partner, Ilse Krige in the city of Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

1 review for THE RED FAWN – Edward Christopher Razzano

  1. 5 out of 5


    A daring read and compelling read, Red Fawn is a narrative of colourful characters whose unique persona’s do an excellent job of keeping the reader gripped.

    The book is an informative glimpse of the diverse familial background of South Africans; an honest and authentic interpretation presented through a contextual view through the vivid scenes. no sugar coating adds some sweetness. The author achieved this through looking beyond the veil of societies “air’s and graces” which keep society stagnant. This carried through the links as the characters cross paths, tackling themes and topics with passion & conviction. The twists and turns from an architect with wit and a sharp mind.

    I appreciated that the author was able to project some negative potentially scenarios that may have been encountered as a reality of the past; some stories which wouldn’t have been shared to shield the younger generation or even reputation, and as such were topics simply not discussed! There is a clear benefit of coming to grips with truths; that human err is something natural, a disaster only if not corrected and left to fester. This is exemplified through the benefits that correctional services can offer through rehabilitation, rather then it being a stigma.

    A gem of this book was discovering the quaint streets of South Africa, it’s old charm, revisited through great memories which many look past when thinking of South Africa in the Apartheid era; these bringing back precious memories shared by my previous generation.

    Whilst I do feel that the take on mental health/mental illness could be revisited, I cannot fault an authentic understanding of it as potentially observed.

    I enjoyed that the author was able to differentiate between religion & faith. Delving through topics of religion and faith was appreciated as shared through the authors narrative; but may however be misconstrued, should an audience of faith not being able to view it without an open mind. A disclaimer, I would say here, know yourself and what’s important to you before judging.

    The take home is that beyond smoke and mirrors, good values exists in inherent human traits, when values are transparent. Society cannot progressed by an in the box mentality, appreciate each unique individuals, why else does the term identity exist?

    I highly recommend this book to an adventurous audience who can relish a brave and daring story, loves delving into the bite of life that shape the history behind each human. The world needs progressive thinkers, acceptance and transparent values. This book gift to the reader as it is authentic and an expression of the author, and I appreciate that it will provoke thought and capture the interest of the next generation.

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