THE MYSTIC IN A WILD STATE – Nyamdorjgarav (Garva) Amarsaikhan

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Pages: 136
Language: English
ISBN 9791220131605

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This book brings hope for the future. It is a work of literature that transcends time and religion. It is haunting and surreal. Truly, the mystic lives among us in a wild state in our modern age.
Writing here is like a vehicle that the Poet uses to ferry and jump inside this hoard of words treasure. You will hear wandering nomads, you will feel the presence of ancestors, you will touch memoir, you will listen so many profound thoughts in this voyage into the core of a strong Soul that embraces Nature, Time, Essence, Spirituality, Culture, Love, Life, Death, Infinite.
Sometimes the sacred mixes with the profane, but there is no time for metaphysical reflections: the words emerge bursting and the ink mixes thoughts and intersections.
Verses that will remain inside you.

Nyamdorjgarav (Garva) Amarsaikhan was born on November 1, 1998 in Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai, Mongol. He would live with his mother in a tent until her death in 2015 due to a chronic disease. She influenced his poetry, tough never got to see his poetry collection. He has a mere older sister. He attended Merged high school in Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai, Mongolia and graduated in 2016, then was accepted by The American University of Paris, however due to financial difficulties took a gap year. After a fall off a bunk bed, he had a stroke and had a brain surgery. For some time, he could not talk, nor move parts of his body. In 2017, he moved into Ulaanbaatar and lived in a church house for some time. Later in 2018, he was enrolled in Huree University Majoring Business administration and studied at Baylor University as an exchange student. From 2017 he got deep into poetry and commenced composing poems.


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