THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAIRY TALES – Vilma Rabelo Sampaio – Denise Rabelo Sampaio

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Using the metaphor of fairy tales, despite the hard blow of fate of mother Vilma, it is certain that with light and kindness, it is possible to continue the journey, taking those beautiful stories to all the children of the world. The book reflects the almas of the authors, Vilma and Denise Rabelo Sampaio, two extremely sensitive, charitable persons, always helping people. Having the opportunity to create beautiful stories and spread good to humanity.
The five fairy tales bring attention to the important ecological issue and a great love for nature.
A text of great inspiration for children from all over the globe.

Vilma Rabelo Sampaio was born in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
She came from a very humble family, suffered prejudice for being black and poor, at that time racism was rigidly prevalent, making her studies and work difficult.
After marrying at the age of 19 with an older person she went on building a solid and structured family.
She had always been a dreamer, she was very fond of writing and reading different literary genres and she loved classical music. God was always her greatest inspiration.
She was a grandmother and a great-grandmother.

Denise Rabelo Sampaio was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, she is a teacher, pedagogue, and librarian. Daughter of Vilma Rabelo Sampaio, her childhood was very happy and pleasant, as she received a lot of love and affection from her parents.
Denise always liked the literary world, and was always dreamy and with an unconditional love for her mother, co-author of the creation of this inspiring work which is dedicated to all children in Brazil and the world in memory of her beloved mother.



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