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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in the kingdom of Zoryz, a princess who was beautiful on the outside but also on the inside, a princess with a pure heart who grew up with the knowledge that she would one day ascend the throne and rule her kingdom. A pure heart, a kingdom to lead and a betrothed, who seems to be the perfect groom for her flawless heart, or at least he appeared to be the right one, until Georgiana meets Omar… But will the perfect Georgiana be able to break someone else’s heart? Will Georgiana be able to achieve her happily ever after?

As a highly imaginative child, A G N Eyell always loved her English lessons. She was born in London at the beginning of the swinging sixties attending an all-girls grammar school where her short story writing flourished. Sadly, and to the disappointment of her teacher, she allowed the ridicule of her friends to deter her from this path. Instead, she made it her mission to read a broad spectrum of genres and now favours authors such as Daphne Du Maurier, R F Delderfield, Somerset Maugham, George Eliot, Ian Mc Ewan, John Fowles, Thomas Hardy, Guy de Maupassant, and Andrea Levy, to name but a few. She did not return to story writing until she had moved to Dorset, now a mother and in her late twenties. Here she kept various animals of all sorts of shapes and sizes, especially horses. She also began many a half-written story inspired by attending local creative writing classes. By this time, she had studied English Literature, mainly Austen and Shakespeare.
Other studies had included Art History, Ancient Greek and Spanish. As soon as her son was grown, she started to fulfil, although be it in a small way, her ambition to explore Europe and its cultures. She had been initiated to this as a small child in long car rides with her parents mostly in Spain. Later in life, she was able to live in the Valencian region of that country. Not long after she discovered the Greek island of Syros which is where she started what has now become her debut novel, The Moon Ship. Nowadays, she finds herself lucky to unostentatiously be on this island, where she is learning the language. At long last, she can set herself to doing what she thinks she does best, and that is writing. There is no doubt that her immediate environment, be it of geographical observation, or just the existence of being amongst island people living island lives, has had a profound effect on the content of The Moon Ship.


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