The Martial Artist – Tiziano Bonanni

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Extracts from the life of an artist, an athlete, a philosopher; a man occupied with the determined and instinctive research of beauty, justice, and of the deepest truth. A search that crosses several fields: from the purely artistic one to the sacred one, from the most ancient and remote times to our modern and contemporary world. An observer that, thanks to painting, manages to escape from the day-to-day banality and human mediocrity. A fascinating text that proves the redeeming power of art.

Artist and teacher, Tiziano Bonanni is a painter, sculptor, and writer. Among the most relevant masters in Tuscany and one of the most representative Italian painters, he alternates his profession with the practice of judo and martial philosophy as a lifestyle, a “creed”, which generates creative thinking and excellency in a society that doesn’t wish to “be” anymore, but rather to own, in a compulsive and dishonorable way. Deeply connected to Florence’s history and culture, he’s an honorary member of the Accademia Medicea and Knight of the Ordine di Parte Guelfa.


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