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Pages: 58
Language: English
ISBN 9791220110747

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This is the sweet story of a cute rabbit who never desires to become a superhero but, soon, he is faced with a situation that will need him to step into the shoes of a real superhero.
Find out how Bunny is going to save his brother, taking advantage of his best power!
The Googly Eyed Rabbit is an enthralling and educational short story, illustrated and handwritten by the author, that will perfectly suit young readers and will be finished to make it clear that each one of us is wonderfully unique in our own way. With our abilities, gifts and talents.

Saleha Fazal is an elementary homeroom teacher with a passion for supporting all children. She obtains a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is in the process of completing her master’s degree program in Special Education. She believes that academic education should go hand in hand with moral education, thus this story was born.


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