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The Globe and the Fleas presents a valuable lesson for the new generation. The adventures of our amiable dog are the same as our lovely planet earth. The Globe is a sweet dog, an animal willing to help whoever may be in need, even the fleas, who want to take advantage of him without showing gratitude. The dog, as well as our planet, had enough of being exploited. He needs to make the intruders understand the way he feels.
This book opens people’s minds by digging into their souls, looking for empathy to understand the situation we are facing right now. It makes us understand how our planet is trying to open our eyes and make us aware that, as well as the amiable dog of this book, it’s getting tired of how we are treating it. We should all care about respecting others as the Globe loves and respects its fleas, even though they have harmed him.

The author, Evalill Ahlgren, has spent many years teaching Swedish and English at Swedish secondary schools. The illustrator, Maud Söderlund, started her career as a registered nurse. This experience brought her to have doctoral degrees in Educational and Health Care science, helping her work internationally. They both wanted to help the new generation understand the issues our planet is currently facing. It can be shown by triggering empathy towards animals and allow the children to have a clear vision of how they could be acting.


Conoscere Tv – Interview


March the 5th, 22 – Book Launch in The English Bookshop – Uppsala (Photo)


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