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‘‘Football is a team sport, we play together and we win together. Sometimes it can happen that an individual or the defensive line make a mistake and we concede a goal resulting in a lost, it means we lose together, despite the criticism from the commentators or what will come out from the newspapers the day after. There should not be a finger pointing on and off the field, as every mistake should be considered as a team mistake since the game is a collective sport, you play to win and lose together and should always remember to play your hardest until the final whistle..’’

As a kid, you are allowed to dream about anything you want, at least that is what people told you however, in reality, you should probably dream about what is possible. Diego’s dream was to become a professional football player. He was born and grew up in Belvia, a town where playing football was the most realistic situation one could dream of to get out of poverty. With this in mind, he dreams and sets out to become a professional footballer…until a tragedy strikes him and his family, so the alternative options are not too many. Diego, who proved to be mentally strong, respected what life had to offer him, so he tried in every way to take advantage of the opportunity that this game could bring to his family. Football became his passport to a better life; he knew it and worked hard to accomplish this dream.
Diego’s character, motivation and love for the game of football can only be described by these few words: “On my fractured legs or bended knees, playing football is and will always be my passion’’.

Born in the Caribbean island of Haiti and moved to New Jersey (USA) at an early age, my love and passion for the game was automatically acquired as the Haitian national sport is by miles football. I started to play football ever since I could remember; recreational football and summer neighborhood tournament were the highlight of my childhood. I am grateful of the opportunities I had to play this beautiful game, as well as to participate in its development by coaching and mentoring young players while I was living in Brussels. Nowadays I am happily married, living with my wife and two children and work in Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) in a very different environment than football across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea where it all started. As life is sometimes full of surprises only time will tell maybe one-day football will call upon my service again and I shall be ready.


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