THE EAST WIND – Storm Fredrickson

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ISBN 9791220138154

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The year is 1942, Robert Mann, a brilliant young American physicist of German birth, joins Allied Intelligence. When the assassination of a top Nazi official presents OSS and MI-6 with a rare chance to penetrate the Third Reich, Robert volunteers.
His cover survives one nerve-racking encounter after another as he infiltrates Hitler’s atom bomb program. Then comes the ultimate test: entry into the home of Effi Zell—wife of Christoph Zell—the man Robert is impersonating. Tension builds toward a crescendo, then collapses as Christoph and Effi fall in love. Their torrid affair morphs into a man-woman resistance team. Again, the tension builds…
Robert and Effi perfect the art of deception on their perilous journey toward sabotage.
Their goal: to deny Hitler the nuclear weapon that will decide the outcome of World War II. But a new threat of blown cover forces Robert to accept a pivotal role in the bomb’s final stage of development.
The result: an American spy creates the world’s first atomic weapon—for Germany. If Robert cannot “defuse” the bomb, he will have dealt London and Allied armies a fatal blow. He has decided that life is not worth living without Effi. But he cannot contrive an escape until he destroys the monster he has created. Robert faces dilemmas and challenges of historical proportion.
Whether he succeeds is a question whose answer the reader will demand to know.
The East Wind is not an ordinary thriller. It is an original, unpredictable nail-biter reminiscent of vintage Le Carré.

Storm Fredrickson is the nom de plume of an American author best known for his international thrillers. He was born in Tallulah, Louisiana, a small town near the mouth of the Mississippi River.
His works, fiction and academic, have been published by the London School of Economics, Contemporary Review, Macmillan, NAL/Signet, and DIF (an imprint of Penguin USA).
His novels, which helped usher in the “audiobook revolution,” were chosen as lead entries for the New York Authors Guild’s back-inprint series and featured by Book-of-the-Month Club. Screenplays and movie options have been acquired by Hawn Film, Ltd., and Twentieth Century Fox.
After years teaching and writing in the EU, Storm, his wife and two daughters now live in Denver, Colorado.


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