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The clock and door arch deals with Salla and Hugo during their move to an apartment in a historical old house. As they settle in, they realise that a very old clock comes with the apartment, along with a very particular door arch.
They begin to notice strange events in their home, such as the presence of uninvited guests who seem to come from the past. To find out more, Salla and Hugo spend time at the local museum, where they discover information about the history of their house and its previous inhabitants. Meanwhile,
Salla and Hugo must also deal with the challenges of everyday life, such as managing their budget and choosing a bed location in their new home. During their time in the new house, the two protagonists discover that their house has a much more complex history than they ever imagined.

Tim Whale, alias Tam Beluga, was born in a cottage in The Haven in Rudgwick, which is part of West Sussex. Tim grew up in Rudgwick and thoroughly enjoyed the natural countryside cradled between the South and North Downs of Southern England. With 6 siblings, 4 brothers and two sisters, a wonderful mother, and hard-working father, it can safely be said life was certainly never dull. The humour of Tim’s grandfather was always of particular interest to Tim, even at a very young age.


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