THE CHAMPION – Cosmin Stefan Georgescu

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Georgescu’s Champion belongs to that rare and precious kind of winners who stand out from the crowd and yet inspire with their own unique example of life, which is inextricably bound to both the light of the scenes and the need to exceed physical limitations in order to create their own myth.
By tracing the lines of the first steps to the narration of the most mature and captivating competitions, Georgescu makes the reader enter the deepest thoughts of his athlete, who is always aware to represent more than the attempt to reach a personal achievement, or the intimate claim of redeeming the soul from the sufferings and the sacrifices of the past, thus showing the strength which proudly soars from the banner of a whole nation in the moment of a single movement. Looking out of place, in the search for infinity, The Champion is an ode to remembrance and the mystifying power of glory.

Cosmin Stefan Georgescu was born in Romania, in 1971. From an early age he was fascinated by words. He liked listening to his parents reading him bedtime stories, he used to learn a lot of poems by heart and recite them proudly. His first models were his parents, both of them teachers. However, Cosmin did not follow in his parents’ footsteps and decided to become a doctor. He graduated from Carol Davilla Medical University in Bucharest in 1997. In 2015 he went to France and ever since he has been living and working there. He wrote and published the following books in Romania, UK and France: The Kiss that Severs Us, Advice I Would Give to No One, Aphorisms Made at Giurgiu, The Tin Ring, Letters to God returned to sender, Conseils que je ne donnerais à personne, The Maiorescunians, Full-moon above the Vosges, Animus in Anima. He has won two awards: the Romanian Prize “Sentimental Twilight” Literary revue, with his works on aphorisms in 2020 and the Critics’ Prize with the work Letters to God return to sender of the Switzerland Literary Prize in 2021.


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