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Hence, I am happy to share with you my latest story that will make part of the trilogy. This story is about cute bugs and the mysterious disappearance of their shoes. This plot will inspire sharing and caring amongst the kids. It is written for the kids of toddlers’ age.
At this age, it happens that children take other people’s things. And this story will teach them about how to apologize and care. The caterpillar that took the shoes apologized and returned them. Also, the story shows the kindness of the spider who came to help her, not like all beetles, who were only busy with themselves and their work. I am sure this story will inspire kids to be empathetic and kind.

My name is Olga Oprunenco, and I am from Moldova. I graduated from the Fine Art Academy of Chisinau. I have collaborated with Scholastic Asia as an illustrator. This was an extremely inspiring experience that convinced me to work as both author and illustrator. I am a proud mother of two great boys and a beautiful girl. Also, I love teaching art to children.


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