The Case of Friulian Hamlet | Il Câs dal Amlêt Furlan- Graziano Urli

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Pages: 218
Language: English
ISBN 9791220110372

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A newly-formed Friulian Committee is firmly convinced that Shakespeare drew inspiration from the Trevisan marquises, da Camino, in the Middle Ages, to write one of his most famous tragedies, Hamlet. An apparent research supports this approach. That is why Guglielmo, a middle-aged Italian teacher, is called out to speak in person with Mr Brough, the medievalist author of the thesis, to meet his confirmation. He will be involved in a one-day, intricate mission down the narrow alleyways and glittering palaces of a midsummer London. Will Guglielmo succeed in his quest for the truth?

Graziano Urli weaves a novel of unexpected discoveries and combines a meticulously structured plot with glimpses of incisive and touching thoughts about life, disease and hope.


Article – IlFriuli 


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