THE BOOK FOR OUR TIME! – Willy Louis Jeanne De Smedt

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Is it still possible to write something new and valuable about the Revelation?
The subject of Revelation has always been an intriguing one for both believers and non-believers who, for centuries, have devoted themselves to studying and examining it. Consequently, many scholars have shared their view about it but, almost all of them, appear to be in contrast with one another. Indeed, never in time existed a continuous interpretation as every reader approaches the text from a distinct perspective. Nonetheless, it has always been evident that the key to Revelations lies within the pages of the Holy Scriptures. With this notion in mind, The Book For Our Time! – a translation of the original manuscript published in 1872 – was written in order to research and understand along with readers, to find the true end and fulfilment of Revelation and, in so doing, bring a sense of purpose to those who read it.

Willy Louis Jeanne De Smedt (8/2/1931 – 25/8/2017) Born in Belgium, he moved with his parents to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he attended a Catholic School. Always serious about religion, he wished to become a priest but eventually decided not to pursue his dream. After moving to South Africa where he qualified as a millwright at Iscor, Willy started working as a math teacher at the Military Technical College. During a service in the New Apostolic Church, Willy heard and learned about the Day of The First Resurrection. That’s when the project of The Book For Our time! started to take form; from his desire to inform people about the salvation plan of God. He died in 2017, due to Leukemia.


Book launc – May 4th, 2024 – Pretoria, South Africa (Flyer) 


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