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The Ayahuasca Lodge deals with a river trip in the Peruvian Amazon made by two young Americans on their way to participate in some ayahuasca ceremonies at a lodge owned by another American. On the riverboat journey the two befriend another foreigner, a Canadian ethnologist, who informs them somewhat about ayahuasca and some of the sordid history of exploitation and violence in the Peruvian Amazon against the place and the Native people during the rubber days of the early 20th century.
Though warned yet the two had to discover things for themselves and became involved with the results of a murder at the lodge.
Postcards to the Dead contains several short stories on various topics, including death, philosophy, and war. Each story is independent and presents a unique point of view. Enjoy the journey

Tim Deppe was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1953, but left rather quickly for the West Coast at age 19, to escape felony charges for growing marijuana.
Then he spent most of the next 50 years working around the world, only interrupted by getting a BA from The Evergreen State College in Washington State and an MA in philosophy and theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.
For the last three decades he has been the field worker for his tiny 501c3, NGO, Bookseed. Most of his time he spends as a delivery boy bringing books and seeds to impoverished schools, orphanages, refugee camps, jails and subsistence farmers in needy places around the world. He has one prior book titled “Little Gardens of Words” about the work he did in Latin America mostly with indigenous people. If you see him on the road give him a ride.


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