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The Aran Islands’ Terrifying Secret is the third book in Roddy O’Sullivan’s Fomorian Series, a trilogy for 10-14 year-olds, set in the West of Ireland.
Shane Donnegan gains work experience off the Aran Islands aboard the St Fergus, an Irish naval ship. With his friends Zara and Tubs, he digs up a chunk of a colossal, long-extinct shellfish and persuades the ship’s Captain to explore nearby subterranean sea-caves. Here they discover a wrecked 18th-century whaler and a treasure chest. But what happens next defies belief − the crew are set upon in circumstances that call into question our very understanding of nature itself. The Minister of the Environment steals the gold from the treasure chest and sells the film & TV rights to a consortium of rich foreign gangsters. Battling against these ruthless thugs, Shane and his friends face certain death when a typhoon propels themselves and the rudderless St Fergus towards the cliffs of Inishmore.
Their survival rests with Shane seeking help from the formidable beings that had earlier attacked the crew…

Roddy O’Sullivan is a keen children’s writer. After a long career in medicine, he now devotes himself to lecturing and campaigning for the protection of the lakes, rivers and wildlife of his native Ireland. Roddy enjoys playing the guitar, fishing and birdwatching.
His lifelong interest in past civilisations was the inspiration behind his adventure stories for younger readers which involve the unexpected meetings of today’s world with that of the ancients.


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