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The Author’s experience with people and animals gave her a deeper insight and inspiration in writing; this has given rise to many of her characters in The Adventures of Drongie the Smidget.
This fantastic tale, embellished with original colorful drawings, tells the stories of an imaginary being who meets numerous friends on his way, where loyalty, friendship and courage unite everyone in search of a common purpose: the perennial struggle between good and evil. Will our Drongie succeed in his intent to bring good to the world? A story set in nature, where everything is balanced, where every creature responds to a precise supernatural and magical design.

Glendyr Stavrou spent her childhood years in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho spending every free moment on the backs of her beloved horses, exploring the countryside around Maseru. Boarding school at ten years old, was a hardship she never quite fitted into and yearned for the holidays.
She and her husband Leandros lived for many years in the midlands of Kwazulu Natal, where they spent hours on horseback in the Pine forests which fed her lively imagination, always dancing new pictures and stories into her head.
She started writing poems as a teenager and progressed to songwriting, choosing a career in music as a classical guitar performer and teacher.
Glendyr and Leandros have two grown up sons, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.
They have recently begun a new adventure and relocated to the quiet coastal village of Pennington KZN where her writing desk looks out to the not too far distant ocean view.


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