THE 3~MOTHERS OF HUMANITY – Jepson Ngocho Kadimba

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Ever since our beginnings, the Word of God has been delivered and communicated to mankind by countless prophets and messengers – and ultimately by His son – who have been trying to explain God’s love, will and sacred system for humanity from several perspectives.
Currently however, the bandwagon of zealots with conflicting interpretations has proved rather confusing to worshippers. Many controversial messages uttered make biblical narratives quite ambiguous, no matter how consistent they are or may be in their addressing. Therefore, the book aims at shedding light on the seven most problematic pillars of the Bible, trying to point out its core message, the Truth.
By drawing inspiration from contributions of other global cultures too, this text initiates a dialogue by chronological, detailed analysis of the religious matters and concerns. So as to enrich our faith while addressing this apparent lack of clarity that some people have, instead of doubting initial messengers of faith and mostly blaming the Church for its diversity.

Jepson Ngocho Kadimba was born on 15th September 1953 in north-western Zambia. He completed form five at Zambezi Secondary School in 1972 and pursued a professional teaching career.
He became senior lecturer at one of the prestigious Polytechnics in Zambia, training secondary school Art and English teachers until 2006.
His specialties are Creative Arts, Curriculum Design and History of Art from local institutions and abroad. He studied in The Hague (1992), Groningen (1997) and took part in a few programs in Oslo (1998) Stockholm and Koln (2000-2). He is now active as consultant and writer.


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