SWAMI – THE GOD MAN – Ravinder Singh

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Pages: 382
Language: English
ISBN 9791220115841

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It is a sci-fi political thriller. This story takes you on a voyage through political and religious power tunnels filled with dark, treacherous and secretive brutality apparently beautified under the cover of ‘diplomacy’ and ‘religion’, truth of which usually is disparate to a layman’s experience. Narayan, a man donning religious attire, is highly educated genius whose curious instincts force him to mathematically conjecture a theoretical path to predict future of humans. In quest of the data, he comes to know that some of the big anti social, religious & terrorist organizations are being nourished for political gains. Political hunger knows no legality or social welfare. Fool and rule policy is forcing the society on a path to push it into an ocean of hatred, animosity, and destruction. On putting the data in his highly complex mathematical equations he finds extinction of humans imminent under the situation prevalent. His equations show that the chances of the tragedy could be reduced significantly by unification of all the countries and forming a world government. The ambitious man derives complex equations, solutions of those open a path of rapid success for his political party. He becomes ruler of India. Hashim was Narayan’s classmate. The shrewd skills fostered by innate ruling instincts harmonize with lust in Hashim in concocting criminal ways to overpower the world. He chooses the path of terrorism under garb of a religious preacher. Hate, suspicion, misinformation, bafflement, unjust, religious animosity and skepticism, all cultured over the years in the society by the power hunters, drag humans on the path of collision. Thesis and anti-thesis duel between Swami and Hashim drag the whole world into a horrible world war. Swami uses simple ideas but ‘tough to execute’ in manufacturing highly potent all new weapons. Much terror is created worldwide. People rush to protect themselves but are killed. Immaculate lethal powers of these weapons created by Narayan push the whole world on the edge of extinction.
Proceed on this awful journey.

Ravinder Singh spent his early childhood in Delhi. His father was a mathematics teacher there. His family shifted to Pataudi, a small town about 50 km from Delhi, when he was just five years of age. He received his schooling at the local schools. He went to Government College Gurgaon and graduated in B.Sc. with Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
He then post-graduated with a qualification in Sociology, specializing in Social Psychology and Criminology. He joined Delhi Police as a Sub–Inspector and worked in the Parliament Street police station in New Delhi.
He served as an immigration officer at the IGI Airport and also worked in the security of VVIPs. During his service, he had the opportunity to interact and familiarize himself with several prominent politicians including ministers from different political parties. While being an immigration officer for nine years, he interacted with several international celebrities from different nationalities, professions, ethnicity, sects and religions, who travelled through the IGI Airport. Later on, he opened his own school under the name ‘West Academy’ and resigned from his job. He is currently running a CBSE affiliated SR. Sec. School. He has written one more novel which is yet to be published.


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