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Through a modern style, strong and yet delicate metaphors which often draw on the natural world, the poet conveys to her readers both a representation of a modern world firm in its banalities and the portrait of a human being, a strong woman who, at ease in her own skin, summons the fortitude to look back into her past and into the heart-breaking moments that made her who she is now. This collection of poems speaks of loss, pain, love, and the strength required to allow yourself to be brave enough to entrust your heart again to someone else.

Raised among the words of authors like Lord Tennyson, C. Baudelaire, E. Allan Poe, O. Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, T. S. Eliot, and Victor Hugo, and by a mother who taught her “to arrange the “galloping moments of existence at such verbal angles as to remind the ear that music bows to nothing, not even the whip of misfortune”, Tmbrr(Sì)i does not believe in dates but in the feelings the past holds and that, once brought to light, compel her to write down the words which now with “trembling hands” are being passed to her readers.


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