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Pages: 80
Language: English
ISBN 9791220150019

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In her book SPACE, Diary Writer describes what it felt like growing up as a Turkish girl in Germany and dealing with life’s challenges. The cultural differences had always been present since childhood, leading to internal and external conflicts, whether she was in Germany or on vacation in Turkey.
It is an honest account of the author’s life that takes the reader on a personal journey: from her time in kindergarten, life with her parents and sisters in a small two-room apartment in Cologne, to her life as a young mother and wife.
Only today, Diary Writer recognizes the problems she’s faced in life so far, and just now, she can define them and how she learned from them.
Full of curiosity and looking for answers to her questions, new possibilities, and a new path, today Diary Writer is grateful. “I believe intrue love. Even when I am writing, I feel the magic of love. It is unique and beautiful. When love is found, life can finally begin.”

Diary Writer was born as a second daughter to a Turkish family living in Cologne. After graduating from high school, she completed commercial training and studied at the evening school of Business Administration. Today Diary Writer lives on the river Rhine with her husband and two daughters. With this book she would like to search for new space and her life’s work. Maybe she has already found it through writing.


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