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This one-act drama is a humorous and analytical account of Polish stereotypes and their genderized representatives through the means of a drawing room play. The action takes place in a flat, in a pre-war tenement house on a hill, somewhere in Bydgoszcz around the year 2005. The characters are an old married couple with their mutual relationships and their reactions towards the environment and their lives with a nostalgic attitude towards the times of the Polish People’s Republic, their private history and WW2. You can travel into the past and psyche of people who struggle in their identity. Furthermore, it also takes you to Bydgoszcz, Poland and mentions various locations in Italy and the UK during different periods in (private) history. It’s a journey around someone’s life and their strong sense of place in it.

Maria Gulczyńska-Baci is a Polish EFL teacher/translator. She studied TESOL at ASU online, USA, Socio-Cultural Studies at Edinburgh University, UK, and Literary Studies at Poznań University, Poland. She has been a waitress, a sociologist and an actress. Now she lives in Italy, writes dramas and occasional poems or social criticism essays, and country line dances in her free time with a group called Mad Boots. Sour Grapes and Sweet Lemons is her third drama/play, already published in Polish. Try also Toubab Land and Reality in Translation.


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