SHE LIVED TO TELL – Suzan Nana Tarablus

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“She Lived to Tell” is a poignant journey into the untold history of exiles, migrations, and silent sufferings in the Balkans during the transformative years of World Wars I and II. At the heart of this captivating narrative is the remarkable life of Miriam Saltiel Friedmann, affectionately known as “Mimica“.
Set amidst the Bulgaria-Greece-Turkey triangle, Mimica’s family becomes an integral part of Turkey’s recent history, entwined with the echoes of the Ottoman Empire’s beating heart. Amid Greece’s declaration of independence and the rise of Bulgarian guerrilla organizations, Mimica’s family adventure unfolds, echoing the unyielding spirit of the region.
The shadows of World War II cast a grim pallor, but Turkey’s compassionate “prudent policy” extends hope to Jewish immigrants fleeing Nazi persecution.
Through the pages, the captivating city of Salonica comes alive, once a sanctuary for Sephardic Jews escaping Spain’s forced immigration.
Through candid narrations, Mimica’s unwavering spirit and acceptance of life’s tragedies shine, inspiring readers with tales of heroism, love, and resilience. “She Lived to Tell” interweaves ordinary emotions with extraordinary events, preserving the indomitable human spirit passed down through generations.
With each page, Mimica’s extraordinary journey unfolds, a testament to the power of oral history, a gift from the past that imparts meaning and wisdom to our present.

Suzan Nana Tarablus was born in Istanbul. She graduated from the Arnavutköy American College for Girls and studied American Language and Literature at Istanbul University. During the years 1995-1997, she was the first professional editor-in-chief of Şalom Newspaper. Her research and travel articles have been published in Şalom Magazine where she has also been working as the editor-in-chief since 2016. She is the author of four other books, Bir Sabah Galata’da Uyandım (One Morning I Woke Up at Galata), Çek Kayıkçı Balat’a (Boatman row to Balat!), Kuşaktan kuşağa Kuzguncuk yolculuğum (My Kuzguncuk journey through generations) and Baba bize neden Dönme diyorlar? (Daddy why do they call us Dönmeh?) all published by Varlık Yayıncılık. She has been a member of the Press Council since 2020 and is the mother of two sons, Eyal and Eytan.


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