SCHIZOPHRENIA – Dr Alfred Sparman

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REX SCOTLAND had serious mental health issues as a child. Rejected by his father, siblings and peers, he was considered a nobody. The only person that understood him was his mother Jane Scotland but then she died.
Killing was a pastime for Rex. Most people avoid killing due to dire consequences; however, with a Schizoid personality there are no boundaries.
Rex’s Life was saved by the Doc on a plane from Costa Rica. A friendship ensued and Rex went across the shores of the states bringing down evil on all enemies of his new found and only friend. Now Rex had found a real reason to kill. “Rex Scotland would make Charles Manson’s work look like a child’s play.”

Dr Alfred Sparman is an interventional Cardiologist. He practiced in NY, Florida and Tennessee. He now is the CEO of The Sparman Clinic and 4H Hospital in Barbados. He has published many medical articles and also is the author of 1.58 Seconds, Switched and The Life Pill.


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