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Pages: 40
Language: English
ISBN 9791220150101

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Throughout the poems, the author navigates the rough waters of the schizoaffective disorder with raw honesty and profound insight, beginning with the bewildering onset of symptoms and ending with the arduous quest for healing.

It’s hard to act,
very hard not to react.
I can hear you in my head.
Are you really the voice of the dead?
How am I supposed to act like I’m fine,
when I want to drink the whole bottle of wine?
You distract me in public and make me act weird.
You are the reason people around me disappeared!
It’s hard to act normally when you exist
and everyone around me is pissed.

Natali is a young woman who lives in a small country in Europe, called Estonia. She has quite a big family consisting of her dad, mom, two younger brothers, herself and also the dearest family member of them all, her beautiful cat Popcorn. Natali is obsessed with 80’s music and especially style. Her favourite artist is Alice Cooper and her main trait marks are her countless thrifted leather jackets and vintage coats. She loves it when people notice her distinctive style and she likes to stand out of the crowd.


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