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The exact origin of Sacred is difficult to trace because life and its myriad of lessons mould one from within in the subtlest of ways, unbeknownst even to the individual himself. The creative impulse presented itself at a juncture in the poet’s life in the form of a deep loss, which is the reason for this contemplative and spiritual journey, a reason that continues to inspire and connect the poet’s mind with the essence that is present in each individual. These poems aim to encourage the reader towards an inner journey, a path leading to something that resides within every soul. Whether we call that, God, Source, and Universe are, according to the poet’s vision, hinting towards the same entity. The language in Sacred is simple yet imaginative and presented as a series of poetic expressions that are contemplative in nature and strike an instant connection with the divine in the form of questions, debates, pleas and supplications. Sacred offers a sense of open-mindedness in its expressions and allows each reader to contemplate and connect with each poem on a personal level, to create an inner dialogue to acknowledge and explore the sacredness that lies within each one of us.

Anisha Gilani was born in East Africa, Tanzania, on the 25th of April 1978. In the 80s, she joined her family, moving to Toronto, Canada, and she had the occasion to enjoy living with her parents, something which had been precluded to her before the age of ten. She studied mathematics and statistics, and she is now married. She has two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband.


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