RIDDLES FOR KIND HEARTS – Boris Belak – Tanja Stevanović

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Pages: 48
Language: English
ISBN 9791220112369

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‘’Here is simple state of matter
Real one always makes you better
In your life it brings a friend
Who is with you ‘til the end.
It grabs your heart right in the middle
How it happens, it’s a riddle.’’

A logogriph in rhyming couplet, suitable for the ears of the youngest, but that does not hurt the memory of adults. A way to play on the meanings of some of the most important words for the first years of a child’s life, which allows you to learn and not to forget. A book for the first steps, for every one of Us.

Boris Belak is writer by passion and profession. He is a sociology professor by education and now he works in advertising as a Creative Director and Copywriter. He has number of international advertising awards, creating campaigns for international and global clients. He is Head of Copywriting Studies at Institute of Management in Zagreb, Croatia. He wrote one book of short stories, two books on creative advertising which are accepted literature for university level, and now this is his fourth one. Born in 1972 in Zagreb, Croatia. Proud father of Stela.

Tanja Stevanović is an illustrator and maker of things. She was born in 1988 in Zagreb, Croatia, finished all kinds of art schools in Belgrade, Serbia and is now slowly transitioning to yet another country. Her work is influenced by nature, vintage illustrated books, weird toys, bizarre antique knick-knacks and just all sorts of oddities she manages to dig up during her regular visits to flea markets. She took part in numerous local and international exhibitions and has illustrated a number of children’s books.



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