RELATIONS – Ria Vorster

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As we begin our journey of taking responsibility, we will encounter many life lessons to be learned. They can be called seasons, and each season brings challenges and joy. Sometimes painful experiences remain with us for many years. Sometimes we will believe that satisfying others’ needs is the best way of serving ourselves, and we will be willing to sell our souls when we are taken for granted or even abused. Religion plays an essential role in our life cycle.
We might have been brought up in a strict religious environment because that is when the Universe allows us to experiment with what suits us during those specific seasons. Until one day, when you realize that there must be something more to it you begin to question and find your place in the spiritual realm. It is then that you experience deep remorse for what was wrong without you knowing it. That is when you become awakened and see the world in another context being one with the Universe. It is also when you begin to love yourself first, knowing that you are a universal being with immense light within and letting go of emotional barriers that hurt. This is the best season and maybe the last season in your life. Relations embodies our intimate and spiritual essence and shows us the wisdom of, finally, becoming aware.

Growing up during the apartheid era in South Africa in a strict Christian upbringing and walking away from an abusive husband and children after several years, Ria Vorster had to overcome many difficulties. She is a motivational speaker devoted to a passion for encouraging women to take back their dignity. By taking care of herself she qualified as a Public Speaking and Speech and Drama teacher after her divorce. She is also the owner of a soft skills training company for the corporate and business world. She once had her own radio program called Ria’s Classics on a local radio station in the Western Cape of South Africa where she introduced her listeners to the great classical composers and singers of the centuries. She served on many committees as chairperson and was a regional finalist in the 2007 Businesswomen of the Year contest that was held in the Garden Route of the Western Cape. Life was not always easy being an entrepreneur, but Ria’s philosophy in life is ‘Allow your Soul to tell your Mind.’ As a result, there the comfort found through her selection of thirty-one spiritual poems.


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