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Psychology, as a science located between the empirical pragmatism of biomedical sciences and the intellectual evolution of philosophy, finds itself in the difficult position of unveiling the realities of the soul to humans in a world that lacks it. The author uses the methods of depth psychology and psychoanalysis to scientifically investigate the hidden meanings of a religion that has become extinct so that in a world where everyone interprets dreams, the Divine can also be interpreted.

Born in Messina, Mario Antonio Fera grew up in Calabria in a family of medical professionals. Interested in natural sciences and medicine since childhood, he devoted himself to philosophy and ancient culture during adolescence. After completing his studies in Classics, Fera found in Psychology the bridge between his family tradition and personal vocation. During his university years in Chieti, he devoted himself to reading authors such as S. Freud and C.G. Jung, whose scientific perspectives he shared. While pursuing his academic studies, he simultaneously obtained a Master’s degree in Criminology and Forensic Science and then earned a Bachelor in Psychology.


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