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ISBN 9791220137782

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Written from a personal perspective, POEMS FOR SEX, SMOKE AND RAINSTORMS is a collection of passionate, sensual verses about intimacy and love.
Never underestimate the power of a female poet. Kaya Häfeli’s poems are filled with sensory detail to bring the readers in as an intimate voyeur. A testimony to her love of words and evocative images, they will make you feel embodied in them.
Kaya Häfeli is a brilliant poet whose tender, sensitive, yet powerful and profound verses will empower and inspire you, regardless of your gender identity or expression.

Born in Hong Kong in 1995, Kaya Häfeli has spent most of her life travelling around the world: from South East Asia to Europe, Switzerland, to be precise, where she graduated high school from the ‘Freies Gymnasium Bern’ in 2015 with a focus on Psychology and Philosophy, then Scotland, the place she called home while completing her degree in Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. In 2020 she relocated to London for a Master’s degree in Crime and Forensic science at UCL.
Currently, she is based in Kent working in environmental regulation. Kaya’s other passion is writing poetry inspired by personal experiences in love and life ranging from the spiritual to the mundane, the latter usually holding more magic.


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