PLANET HOPE – Abdulaziz Salah Al Dhaheri

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Pages: 86
Language: English
ISBN 9791220148436

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In a world where war and violence dominate, there are dreamers who truly believe in a future world without these shadows that cloud the minds of humankind.
This is the story of a powerful man who, looking constantly at the sky and stars from his terrace, sees an ideal future in outer space and thus brings together a group of eminent people.
Will this assembly succeed in creating a world free from violence?

Abdulaziz Salah Al Dhaheri is a Saudi storyteller.
Member of the General Assembly of the Jeddah Literary Club and of the Jeddah Culture and Arts Association, he has published more than 25 books on various aspects in Arabic, such as educational books, novels, and a large number of short story collections.


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