OUTRAGEOUS – Kwaku Oxxaz

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Pages: 393
Language: English
ISBN 9791220141819

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This literary work dives deep into rough waters, it bravely explores the minefield of confusion & conflict that clouds Africa’s socio-economic, political, and cultural atmospheres and environments. Undoubtedly, it offers a powerful editorial commentary backed up with interrogations, debates, and symposiums.
It also provides the reader with a comprehensive assessment of some of the troubling, teething, complex and traumatizing issues confronting humanity today.
Those intriguing but true-life stories inspire the writer to emulate the dynamic eagle’s eye view, giving him the courage to dive deeper, to play and investigate some of the socio-political, cultural nightmares and quandaries that have been causing African conflicts and confusion for years. Additionally, it makes hopeful suggestions to solve some enigmas, ensuring the success and survival of today’s and the yet-unborn generation.

A Market analyst, in-fused with journalist traits, dissecting issues from culture 2 fashion.
A critic with in-depth analysis on geo-politics, socio-political affairs with suggestions & synthetic solutions; In addition to recommendations, sharpened with emphasis to re-engineering global planetary society. Hole-in background on international market strategies; MBA — International Marketing — London School of International Business; Corporate Member of International Export Association and Journalism; London School of Journalism – Diploma.
Journalistic field: 1. Sportswriter: (a) Football (b) tennis – lawn/ table (c) boxing (d) golf (e) volleyball (f) athleticism. 2. Correspondent: (a) Parliament (b) Diplomatic 3. General reporter: (a) Courts reporter (b) Culture & Fashion Specialty: (a) Script (2) Speech write-ups, (b) Investigative reporting. Interest: (1) Freelance journalism (2) business, i.e., entrepreneurship.
*travel & adventurism Graduate of Ecole Schultz—Geneve: (1) commerce (2) langue (3) Computer science.


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