OUTDOOR FUN – Joanne Fergusson

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ISBN 9791220133623

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Outdoor Fun is halfway between a book and a guide that aims to help families get outdoors, enjoy recreational activities, fresh air and physical exercise and rejuvenation.
It’s full of amazing hints and tips about planning, safety and recipes.
Its key message is: “you don’t need to spend lots of money on outdoor adventure and fun. Quality time with each other, a positive attitude, some useful resources help make the outing great. Eat healthy fuel while you are outside enjoying nature and your family!”
Try to get outdoors as your family will benefit in many ways such as emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.
Gain confidence, absorb the sunshine’s Vitamin D and have fun!

Joanne Fergusson is a wife and mother of one child.
She lives in Queensland, Australia, near some great beaches. As a qualified teacher, she has taught many sports lessons, noticing how the kids enjoyed getting outdoors in the fresh air, participating in many types of physical activity. Growing up she had a lot of time spent outside playing and developing physical skills.
This aspect provided fun and balance for her life.
These days she continues to appreciate and enjoy a number of simple, inexpensive outings with her family and friends. Making cards and cooking are current hobbies she has.
Outdoor Fun is her third published book.


Book Launch – Sunday 18th June, 10.30-12pm at the Broadbeach Community cultural Centre (Photo) 


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