Out of the Jaws of Death – Anand Vardhan

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Pages: 190
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ISBN 9791220109543

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The Novel “Out Of The Jaws of Death” is a work of fiction and is based on a real-life story which has been creatively treated to provide a gripping tale to captivate the readers with gasping excitement into what is otherwise a mundane life in business.
The story describes how normal running businesses across continents with respective players enjoying their routine, love life, family affection and sex, one fine day suddenly come to grips with ‘The Mob’, called Triads in the Far East in Hong Kong and Thailand, who highjack their multi-million dollar shipment.
Much to the horror and deceit of the neophyte in the global trade, they discover how the outlawed ‘Mob’ raped and brutally mutilated the bodies of the wives and children of the Hong Kong Anti Triad Cop, hot on their trail!
How the daredevil retired Cop turns into a one-man Army of fervour and fury, suffering utmost from the brutal lynching of his kith and kin wants to settle scores with the Triad. He comes to the rescue of the businessmen at the beaconing of his only surviving son who saw the businessmen leave the Hong Kong Police without any help.
With all the wealth at their command, the businessmen who finally decide to take the bull by the horn, find themselves in the jaws of death, face to face with the ‘Mob’. Discovering for themselves for the first time the myth of the honorable outlaws and witnessing the bloody truth of ruthless criminals in an open gunfire in an anti-Triad police raid.
The businessmen along with a lady love of one, together manage to escape ‘out of the jaws of the death’ to freedom with their cargo to reach it to their partner in Dubai just in time!
With the seductive affairs of the men in business from the Mother of all Golf courses, the oldest and the iconic St Andrews in Scotland to the wealthiest and the most luxurious confines of riches of the sheikhs of Dubai, the story takes emotive turns, meandering through infatuation, sex and love to the lovely massage trips and sex parlours in Bangkok and Hong Kong!


Anand Vardhan is a journalist, a TV serial producer, a businessman, a visionary, technology integrator, globe trotter, and an economic analyst and Reporter on socio-economic and political developments across the globe. He has climbed the echelon of power, working closely with influential political leaders and Heads of State and Governments, survived mafioso in New York, New Jersey, Hong Kong and Singapore. He and his wife share their home in London and shuttle between US, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Dubai. A prolific writer with a knack to creative expression of diverse serious issues, “Out Of The Jaws of Death” is his debut thriller. The other works include the “Nemesis” and the more serious economic issue of “Alternative Strategy for Unfettered Growth” following the Covid19 pandemic.


Milano International Literary Prize 2022 (5th place) 


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Annan Vardhan

    A very well written book, I would recommend each and every person who comes across this book to give it a read and they will fall in love with the story.

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